“A great architect builds a house with a strong foundation, with a style that is efficient and appropriate for the land upon which it is built…Lee Hurst accomplishes this as a tennis coach. He begins by building a strong foundation with footwork and body positioning. He is uncompromising with respect to technique while developing a style that is best for each individual student. His students can be confident that he will help them develop what they need to reach their potential in tennis.

I’ve experienced what it took to become a top ten player in the world. I’m now a ‘tennis mom’ and also appreciate a parent’s desire for selecting what’s best for one’s child.”

Kathleen Horvath – USTA High Performance Instructor, Former top 10 WTA player



“Given their technical knowledge and awareness of the whole person I would recommend any parent have their child train with Tim and Lee.”

Dick Gould – Winningest Coach in NCAA history. 13 National Titles and College Coach of 15 top-ten world ranked players



“These guys know all levels of the game. They played at the highest levels and more importantly, as coaches, they have developed players from the youngest ages right to the pros. The Mayotte Hurst Stevinson Tennis Academy brings a rare combination of tennis expertise, work ethic and class that is most welcome in American tennis.”

Wayne Bryan – Top-Coach and father of Bryan Brothers