How We Do IT

Our approach to technique differs from most other systems, in that we see movement as intricately linked to the shape of all swings.

We look at seven fundamental components of stroke production.  Using this system we can quickly identify the ‘root’ of a technical issue and prioritize the elements to be addressed in a systematic order, providing the fastest route to a sound and individually natural stroke technique for each player.

We help players attain tactical excellence by focusing upon three key principles.

  • Know your game
  • High percentage shot selection
  • Every shot has a purpose

These principles help us guide students in honing a style that best fits their strengths and encourages a process-driven approach from which to achieve results.

Our mental training approach focuses on the athlete as a person first and performer second.

For more than a two decades, we have collaborated with the top mental training coaches in the world.  That collaboration has led to the development on MHSTA’s cutting edge mental training techniques and programs.  One of these key programs to support accountability is MHSTA’s Goal Setting App.

We incorporate the latest most sophisticated training methods to help students attain their optimal fitness levels.

Our world class training employs cutting edge methods that integrate complex coordination with more traditional strength, power and agility work.  This provides the quickest path to mastering of skills for the highest on court performance.  We see fitness as both complimentary and separate to the on-court technical movement methodology we teach.