The MAYOTTE-HURST-STEVINSON TENNIS ACADEMY is dedicated to the development of excellence in all areas of a person and their tennis game. Our philosophy focuses not only on the technical skills of tennis but includes the mental, tactical and physical aspects as well. We strive to help a person reach their full potential, both on and off the court.

We believe that what influences a player off the court, in their home and school lives, directly impacts their on-court performances. With this in mind we work hard in communicating with and educating family members, who are equally important to the development of the student, as a person and a player.

Our training methodology is focused on the intention of practices, rather than just the number of balls hit. We emphasize small group practices in which players work together towards their goals. Each player is a part of the team and in respecting that environment, ultimately contributes to the success of others as well as themselves.


“Having played and developed players at the highest levels, Mayotte Hurst Stevinson brings a rare level of expertise that is most welcome in American Tennis.”

– Wayne Bryan, Top-Coach and father of Bryan Brothers


MHS Indoor Tennis
375 Centennial Ave
Cranford, NJ
Phone: (908) 276-3600


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